Best Content Curation Tools for 2017

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Curation tools rock because social media marketing and blogging are far too involved and time-consuming to handle completely manually. It’s 2017. You can look like a media rockstar with just two curation tools. (Why do people need a list of 50 tools when 2 will do just fine?)

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All The Best Curators Are!

And you won’t get any links, attention, engagement, leads, or business without being a prolific content curator and sharer.

So you have 2 choices (that really are only 1 choice):

  1. Try to put out tons of content on your own and share it thoroughly on social – NOPE!
  2. Use very smart curation tools for blog content and social media to do the heavy lifting for you.

You can cut down your social curation research and posting with just one killer tool:

CrowdFire App

In between your latest original content, you have to curate good stuff to grow your following on Twitter, Facebook, and places like Pinterest. Doing so means you have to stay glued to your social and RSS feeds all day long looking for good stuff to share, or you let a smart app like CrowdFire do it.

curation toolsSchedule Tweets and Facebook updates, find killer stuff to put into your schedule, and “be there” on your social profiles all day without actually being there all day!

I really love what I’m getting accomplished with CrowdFire!

You can also cut down on your blogging time while increasing your output BIGLY with a little power curation tool called…


Most people haven’t heard of this secret weapon and you won’t find it on many other lists out there with the usual suspects. (Yay for you! You actually discovered something new today!)

curation for 2017

Bloggers and business owners are using Curately to drastically increase their engaging content output while decreasing their time blogging by a ton!

Like all curation tools, you set it up with your favorite news sources tailored to your industry topics. After that, Curately helps you put together engaging blog posts to share with your CrowdFire App. 🙂

Why? Just, Why Do This?

Creating more content creates more touch points for your business.

  • You show up in social more, and grow your following.
  • You show up in social more, and get more clicks on your links.
  • You show up in search more because you are now talking about many more keywords/topics than you were before.
  • You show up in front of influencers more often meaning you could get retweeted and shared on their big ass channels.

There are 1.2 billion more reasons to curate content on social and on your site as engaging articles that scream to be shared. I’ll let you discover them all as you get started with the tools above and see for yourself what you’ve been missing out on!


Jack Humphrey is a pioneer of Internet Marketing specializing in targeted, organic search and social traffic attraction, lead generation, and sales conversion strategies for online marketers with companies of all sizes.

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